ARTDO History

It began with a vision. To grow into a global reach umbrella body with members from well over 30 countries worldwide.

  •    National organisations
  •    Education and training institutes
  •    Multinational corporations
  •    HR and management specialists

ARTDO Objectives

Throughout the world, HR managers, trainers and professionals continually face a critical challenge – how to better understand, manage and develop human resources amidst a rapidly changing, volatile environment.

ARTDO continually pushes for effective human resource management via a unified approach.

Membership Benefits

ARTDO INTERNATIONAL has plethora of exciting activities and cutting-edge programmes that truly benefit its members.

  • Become an ARTDO Member Today! If you are looking for a community where members give and get in equal opportunities and no one stands alone.
  • Enjoy the International Network of world-class Organizations & Institutions
  • Priority to attend the annual ARTDO International Management & HRD Conference
  • Priority to attend ARTDO and ITD world courses, seminars and workshops.
  • Priority to attend ARTDO International online sessions, webinars and trainings.
  • Organize franchising bilateral activities in Malaysia / abroad or online up on mutual agreements
  • Possibility for nomination to the annual International (Institutional / individual) HRD Award
  • Join the ARTDO Interantional coaching and mentoring circle to help each other and/or completing your CCMP
  • Inclusion and access to the ARTDO members Members family
  • Access to the ARTDO Asia-Pacific HRD Centre in Malaysia
  • Online Technical Support

ARTDO International Activities 

47th ARTDO International Conference (Opening  & Closing Ceremonies)


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