artdo international chrp program

A Message from President Emeritus, ARTDO International

artdo international chrp program

HR professionals across the globe need opportunities for continuing competency development, especially in the crucial area of strategic HR management. Most HR professionals enter the profession without benefit of rigorous competency development in HR. Entry-level jobs are either characterized as generalist positions in small firms or specialized roles in larger firms. Both generalists and specialists would benefit from greater breadth and depth in HR, especially the contemporary, strategic, global and performance roles of HR.

ARTDO International’s basic philosophy is “to help others help themselves". So, in collaboration with the Institute of Training and Development (ITD) and Dr. Donald Ford, the unique “Certified HR Professional" (CHRP) program was developed to bridge the gap between the increasing expectations of the business world and the number of professional HR practitioners currently available.

Organizations demand bottom-line results and quantifiable quality outputs from qualified HR professionals that are capable of sitting at the management table as key strategic business partners. To fulfill this need, ARTDO International has undertaken a timely and positive step forward to accredit HR practitioners who have undergone a rigorous program based on a well-developed methodology to bring out the best in them. Combining ARTDO’s extensive resources, ITD’s training and development talents and the cutting edge expertise of Dr. Donald Ford, the CHRP program marks a significant milestone in the field of developing true HR professionals

Many people can claim to be a HR practitioner but to stand above the rest, one must be a true Certified HR Professional.

On that note, I wish you great success in the journey through the exciting world of Human Development. Indeed, the best is yet to come.

Dato’ Dr. Thomas K. H. Chee
President Emeritus,
ARTDO International


The primary target audience for the CHRP program has the following characteristics:

  • Three years or more of HR experience
  • Bachelor degree or equivalent in business, HR or related fields
  • Individual contributor or HR supervisor/mid-level/senior-level manager
  • Committed to a long-term career in HR
  • Generalist knowledge of the HR field OR specialization in one HR discipline
  • Generalist knowledge of the HR field OR specialization in one HR discipline

This program is also suitable for line managers who have significant HR and staffing responsibilities and who want to improve their ability to manage human resources within their scope of operations.



The Certified HR Professional designation recognizes individuals who have completed the CHRP Program. ARTDO International and all of its member organizations recognize that those individuals so designated possess the competencies expected of a HR practitioner.

The Certified HR Professional (CHRP) Program is offered by the ARTDO International and the Institute of Training and Development (ITD). The award is given upon the satisfactory completion of a five-module competency-based skills development program which lasts for eleven days and the submission of a set of required certification reports indicating the demonstration and application of the set of HR competencies in an actual work-related setting within a one hundred and twenty day post-training assessment period.

Participants are expected to satisfactorily perform the tasks of a HR Professional using the set of competencies specified by ARTDO International and ITD in addition to conforming to a code of ethics and commitment to continuous learning.

chrp program artdo international
chrp program artdo international chart



HR professionals will be able to achieve marked improvement in the following areas after completing and meeting the standards required of this certification program:

  1. Business partnerships established with key stakeholders
  2. The right people recruited, hired, transferred and promoted to the right jobs
  3. Employees motivated to achieve organizational goals
  4. A competent workforce achieving high performance
  5. Employee involvement, commitment and corporate citizenship

artdo international chrp programartdo international chrp program


The Certification will include five courses, for a total of 11 days of professional development.

The five courses are:

  1. The Strategic Role of HR
  2. Staffing and Employment
  3. Management and Organization Development
  4. Performance Management
  5. Human Resource Development


At the end of the program, participants will be able to perform the following:

  1. Identify the roles of Human Resources in the modern organization
  2. Establish a strategic role and business partnership for HR
  3. Conduct effective recruiting, staffing and selection activities
  4. Conduct effective performance management
  5. Design and implement compensation systems
  6. Design and implement benefits systems
  7. Design and implement performance appraisals
  8. Deep understanding organizational and business logics driving organization success
  9. Able to apply appropriate OD tools and frameworks to analyze and recommend change needs of the firm
  10. Be an internal OD and change management consultant using 7Cs consulting process
  11. Business partnering strongly anchored on the following HR professional competencies
  12. Implement effective workplace training and development program
  13. Manage organizational change and renewal
  14. Implement effective career development programs


Strategic Role of HR (Two Days)

  • What is HR management?
  • Roles and responsibilities of HR professionals
  • Strategic versus administrative roles
  • Key HR Outcomes and Results
  • Organizational expectations of HR
  • Management’s expectations
  • Employees’ expectations
  • Internal consulting – building partnerships with line management
  • Strategic planning and HR workforce planning
  • Organizational theory, structure and design
  • Managing organizational change
  • Delivering measurable HR results
  • Key business and industry issues
  • Aligning HR and business strategy
  • Outsourcing HR services
  • International/global HR

Staffing and Employment (Two Days)

  • Workforce planning/forecasting
  • Job analysis and design
  • Methods of collecting job data
  • Writing job descriptions
  • Recruiting job candidates
  • The role of job applications
  • Selection process
  • Employment testing
  • Interviewing candidates
  • Successful interviewing techniques
  • Designing structured interviews
  • Job placement
  • Job promotion and transfer
  • Talent management
  • Workforce flexibility
    • Temporary/contract labor
    • Consultants
  • Employment technology
    • Resume databases
    • Selection testing

Change Management and Organization Development (Three Days)

  • Define the terms Change Management (CM), Organization Development (OD)and Appreciative Inquiry (AI)
  • Describe how to make the business case for change management, Organization Development and Appreciative Inquiry
  • Make the case for systematic approaches to change management rather than ad hoc, idiosyncratic
  • Describe strategic models to drive change management
  • Review the Action Research Model (ARM), the best-known model to guide OD
  • Review the Appreciative Inquiry Model (AIM), a strengths-based approach to change
  • Examine how to use approaches to apply models to guide change management, OD and Appreciative
  • Prepare an action plan for implementation

HR Performance Management (Two Days)

  • Basics of performance management
  • What is high performance?
  • Establishing pay plans
  • Establishing pay rates
  • Pricing jobs & external equity
  • Establishing pay structures & internal equity
  • Pay for performance plans
  • Benefits
    • Paid time off
    • Insurance benefits
    • Retirement benefits
    • Employee services & fringe benefits
    • Cafeteria benefit plans
  • Performance appraisals
  • Appraisal methods
  • Appraisal forms and documentation
  • Appraisal meetings and discussions
  • Coaching for improved performance
  • Performance management technology
    • HR information systems
    • Benefits intranets
    • Compensation spreadsheets

Human Resource Development (Two Days)

  • Training process
  • New hire orientation
  • On the job training
  • Classroom training
  • E-learning
  • Management development
  • Analyzing and evaluating training
  • Managing organizational development
  • Organizational change
  • Quality improvement
  • Team-based organizations
  • Flexible work structures
  • Career development
  • Succession planning
  • Managing promotions & transfers
  • HR development technology
    • Needs assessment databases
    • Design and development software tools
    • Learning management systems
    • Learning content management systems

artdo international chrp programartdo international chrp program


HR professionals confront a changing business world that demands new competencies and skills. HR needs to add significant value to organizations and do so at a quick pace. No longer can HR rely solely on administrative or delivery roles. Instead, the focus is shifting to strategic roles and contributions. In recognition of this, HR professional organizations throughout the world have identified new competencies for HR. This includes the Society for Human Resource Management in the U.S., the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development in the U.K. and the Australian Human Resource Institute.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has released one of the most comprehensive studies in its latest HR Competency Model, based on over 15 years of research and input from over 25,000 HR professionals. The model identifies five core areas of competence for HR professionals:

artdo international chrp program

Within each of these areas, both SHRM and CIPD have identified the following high-level competencies:



  • Manage organizational culture
  • Manage rapid change
  • Be involved in business decision making
  • Create a customer-focused organization
  • Develop value-added strategies for HR
  • Conduct strategic assessments of organizations’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT)
  • Benchmark an organization’s HR practices against best practices
  • Develop HR strategy to deal with mergers, acquisitions, global alliances and joint ventures
  • Develop HR structures and processes that enhance high performance



  • Build effective work relationships inside and outside the organization
  • Generate commitment among key stakeholders to support HR’s agenda
  • Deliver measurable results
  • Establish a reliable track record that is responsive to organizational needs
  • Communicate effectively orally and in writing
  • Demonstrate emotional intelligence in dealings with others
  • Demonstrate a systematic approach to analyzing problems and generating solutions
  • Demonstrate innovation in creating (HR services and products)
  • Demonstrate commitment to continuous improvement and learning
  • Demonstrate high ethical standards of professional behavior



  • Manage staffing
  • Manage development
  • Manage organizational structure and change
  • Manage HR measurement
  • Manage performance management
  • Manage employee and labor relations
  • Manage legal compliance



  • Understand key organizational and industry issues
  • Apply business knowledge to make strategic contributions
  • Run HR like a business with a profit and loss mentality
  • Understand the organization’s key value chain and how HR contributes to it



  • Use HR technology to deliver services
  • Use Internet technology to deliver services
  • Measure impact of technology on business

Each of the five competency areas will be introduced throughout the courses and used as organizing threads to tie together all the content in a systematic whole.


artdo international chrp program

Resource Guide
Each participant is provided with the ARTDO International-ITD Resource Guide which includes text book, reading material, techniques, exercises, designs and tips for HR professionals.

Resource Center
Participants may use the resource center at ITD for discussions, research, use of computers and access to the internet.

Electronic Support
Participants and course leaders can continually communicate with one another on-line to exchange notes and share ideas.

Continuous Learning Community
Participants, Certified Professionals and Resource Persons together form a community with ARTDO International and ITD to facilitate sharing, networking and ongoing learning that continuously upgrades HR professional competencies.

Comprehensive Evaluation of Learning and Competencies Leading to Certification:
Certified HR Professional (CHRP) will be awarded by ARTDO International-ITD upon completion of all requirements as follows:

1. Pre-assessment (Level 2 evaluation).

  1. HR Competency Self-assessment – Participants complete self-assessment prior to starting program to identify areas of strength and development needs.
  2. HR Learning Evaluation – participants complete a comprehensive learning assessment to determine their baseline of HR knowledge and skills.

2. Successfully complete five courses (A Certificate of Achievement for each course will be issued by ARTDO International-ITD-PENN STATE: Module 3).

  1. Attendance and participation – attend all five courses – 11 days of instruction and oral feedback (60 hours) (Level 1&2 evaluation).
  2. Assignments – complete class projects for each course (Level 2 evaluation).
  3. Learning Evaluation – pass a comprehensive final learning evaluation at the end of the course (Level 2 evaluation).

3. Application of learning -120 days after completion of 5 courses (Level 2, 3 & 4 evaluation).

  1. HR Projects – Complete two competency based HR projects with 360 degree feedback:
    • Design a strategic HR organizational design for one’s own company or complete a strategic HR case study (for externals or job seekers).
    • Complete an appropriate project in one or more of the core areas:
    – Staffing/Employment – design recruiting, selection or placement system.
    – Performance Management – design compensation, benefits, performance appraisal or performance management plan.
    – Human Resource Development – design a training, organization development or career development plan.
  2. Client Testimonials – obtain client proof that project was completed and secure feedback on business value and impact of projects (for
    external consultants).
  3. Superior/Subordinate/Employee/Colleague Testimonials – obtain feedback from superiors,
    subordinates, employees or colleagues about the business value and impact of projects (for
    internal employees).
  4. HR Competency Post-assessment –participants complete another self-assessment to identify personal gains from the courses.
  5. Adherence to Code of Ethics and Commitment to Continuous Learning and development – all
    certified participants must sign and commit to an HR code of ethics, core values and on-going professional development.


Competency Development Program (CDP)

The Key that Connects You to Superior Bottom-line Performance & ROI.

After decades of leadership contribution in the areas of education and training development, ARTDO International and ITD have created this winning
Competency Development Program (CDP) that is highly cost effective and clearly differentiated from other programs. It combines the best of education and training plus much more that clearly connects you to bottom-line performance and ROI.

Legend to 5 levels of evaluation
Level 1 : Reaction to learning program
Level 2 : Learning assessment
Level 3 : Application to workplace/behaviour change
Level 4 : Business impact
Level 5 : ROI

artdo international chrp program

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