ARTDO International Activities And Membership Benefits

ArtDo International Activities & Membership Benefits

In order to achieve its goals, ARTDO INTERNATIONAL has plethora of exciting activities and cutting-edge programmes that truly benefit its members.


Held annually in exotic locations around the world, these conferences represent one of the world’s premiere gatherings of international HR specialists, management guru and experts. An event truly not to be missed for training and HR professionals, as this is where the latest practices and research in HRD are presented, discussed, challenged and exchanged.

Member Profile

Get in touch and network with other ARTDO INTERNATIONAL members listed in a constantly updated member directory which includes details outlining each organisation’s establishment, objectives, membership profiles and activities.


Being an ARTDO INTERNATIONAL member immediately gives you access to a global network of international bodies and organisations. These include the Asian Development Bank, Association of Business Executives (UK), Australian Human Resources Institute, Chinese Society of Training and Development (ROC), Malaysian Institute of Training and Development, Aarhus Tekniske Skole (Denmark), Indian Institute of Management (India), Kaizen Institute of Japan, Bank Negara (Malaysia), New Zealand Association for Training & Development and Singapore Institute of Management to name a few. Invaluable contracts, expanded business opportunities, unlimited resources, recognition and prestige are automatically yours as a member.

Annual ARTDO International HRD Excellence Awards

A prestigious programme that provides recognition awards to outstanding organisations and individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the field of HRD.

ARTDO Asia-Pacific HRD Centre

To further accelerate its quest to improve HRD, ARTDO INTERNATIONAL established the Asia-Pacific HRD Centre which now serves as a professional development and research arm. With its international board of advisors, its mission is to make world-class professional development programmes in HRD available in the Asia-Pacific.

Travel Itinerary Service

An informal exchange of travel itineraries through the Secretariat which enables member organisations to exchange information, resources and views with visiting professionals.


An active information service featuring an Occasional Paper Series, a semi-annual journal and the periodical HRD Focus – a newsletter on ARTDO INTERNATIONAL’s activities, policy actions, programmes, HRD trends and developments.

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